This is quite a common scenario. You’ve spent all your budget on a nice new desktop virtualisation solution, but you haven’t thought about the end points and have little or no budget to replace these with thin clients. If this is a situation you are in then you might want to consider ThinOX4PC from Praim.

With ThinOX4PC you can convert your old PCs and notebooks into light and high-performance thin clients, cutting the hardware investment and extending the life of your old PC’s. You also take away the headache of managing multiple versions of a Windows operating system, Windows patches & anti-virus updates. You then gain the following:

  • A standardised user interface across all
  • A fully managed endpoint environment
  • Ability to automate the configuration of endpoints
  • Extend the life of your functional hardware
  • Smooth transition from PC to thin client when the PC is end of life

All PC’s running ThinOX4PC & Praim thin clients can be managed using their thin client management solution called ThinMan for which there are two versions. These are:

  • ThinMan Premium Edition: for a complete and granular management of your devices
  • ThinMan Platinum Edition: for advanced profiling and the automation of management and deployment operations of workstations

If you’d like further information on thin client solutions from Praim, please feel free to give us a call on 01480 585 555 or email We’ve also added links to the data sheets for ThinOX4PC & ThinMan