The demands of doing more with less have never been as true as they are today. With uncertainty holding its grip on the markets, investments need to be de-risked as much as possible thus leaving organisations lean and liquid enough to deal with any future challenges that the markets might demand.

On the other hand, technology continues to progress forward and organisations, regardless of size, need to constantly catch up in order to offer increasingly efficient services to their clientele. This makes technology investments somewhat of a delicate subject – how do you invest in technology that is going to remain effective long enough to return a healthy ROI when the market is so uncertain?

A long-term solution to a recurring problem

This is where the RX420 comes in. A thin client built on the versatile Raspberry Pi, it offers all of the technology the future demands, in a package that is cost-effective from both purchasing and maintenance perspectives.

Built on a set of technologies that are geared to service the workplace of the future, the RX420 is designed from the ground up to help organisations and enterprises leverage Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp environments to maximise ROI.

Impressive specifications in an impressive size

The RX420 uses Stratodesk’s NoTouchOS and DMS (Device Management Software) to bring the Citrix Intelligent Workspace full-circle. Built on the proven set of technologies provided by Citrix Ready Workspace Hub, there is no question as to whether this mighty little box is able to deliver big value.

Specifications are impressive: dual-monitor support with 4K resolution, USB 3.0 support, quad-core processing power, and GPU offloading optimisation being but some of the technology packed in the diminutive box. It is safe to say that everything an organisation expects from a thin client, the RX420 delivers easily and then some.

Lower costs, brighter future

The RX420 supports Browser Content Redirection (BCR) helping you to seamlessly offload multimedia tasks that are resource-intensive to the RX420 including native support for DASH and HLS. This affords far easier scalability across the board and ensures the resources are utilised in the most cost-effective way every single time.

The RX420 is able to handle the most intensive of demands using only 8 watts of power. As the world demand greener practices, organisations purchasing into the RX420 ecosystem will be able to reap benefits in more ways than one.

What is Citrix HDX?

Citrix HDX is a set of technologies that allow organisations to deliver a consistent, homogenous user experience to its people regardless of device, connection, or location.

As hardware becomes more ubiquitous, Citrix HDX is able to deliver performance-centric productivity regardless of platform. In this eco-system, the RX420 is able to deliver value for money far more consistently for longer than anything else. Its diminutive size means it can be installed virtually anywhere, its specifications mean it can handle the demands of the future workplace including off-loading, whilst the technologies that surround it including NoTouchOS and DMS ensure full-scalability operations at a fraction of the cost of more conventional systems.

If you’re looking at investing in technology that will yield dividends far into the future, then the RX420 is going to be the right fit for you.

You can learn more about the RX420-HX here.

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