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Understanding thin
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Understanding Thin Client Technology

Hardware and software thin clients enable mobility for organisations by enabling remote access and server-based computing environments. Thin clients are characterised by a client operating system which can be managed, secured and controlled centrally through a management console.

IT can control access to desktops and applications remotely without any intervention whatsoever.   

Practical Use Cases

Thin Client Devices

Proprietary hardware designed and built with remote access in mind. Low power, fanless, usable out of the box as a desktop PC replacement.

Software Thin clients

Any device can act as a thin client and can be controlled through the same management software as a proprietary hardware device.

Repurposed PCs

Convert your ageing estate of PCs to thin clients and sweat your assets. Software licences are portable and can be moved from a device as it reaches the end of its useful life.

USB Endpoints

Solve the problem of remote access by using a bootable USB stick that works on any PC to deliver a rich, no-touch computing experience that’s locked down and secure by design.

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Hardware vs Software

Thin clients are so much more than dumb terminals. Whilst it’s important to make the right hardware decisions, it’s the software that’s core to any thin client solution.

By using the right software you have the freedom to pick and choose hardware according to use case while providing a consistent and familiar end user experience.

Use Case Examples

Merton Council

With ageing hardware and disparate departments with unique requirements. Partnered with European Electronique, Tilt Technology delivered several thousand hardware endpoints across multiple sites.

University of Law

By repurposing PCs with thin client software and mixing purpose built hardware according to location and use case, UoL were able to drastically reduce costs whilst improving manageability and security.

Anglia Ruskin University

ARU switched desktop delivery platforms several times over several years and needed to effectively manage the redeployment of endpoints across multiple campuses.

Yusen Logistics

As an enterprise logistics company, Yusen are able to deliver a uniform desktop experience across many sites using Raspberry Pi-based thin clients powered by Stratodesk NoTouch.

Managing A Successful Thin Client Project


Plan your rollout in phases and identify different use cases


Match your solution to hardware according to use case, resource and budget


Stage your rollout


Test software agnostically before looking at hardware


Set appropriate milestones at sensible intervals with periodic reviews


Allocate resources in advance for ongoing development, improvement and support

How Can We Help?

End Customers

We work with IT companies to deliver high quality, fit-for-purpose desktop computing environments. We can help you develop your concept, test and trial software and hardware and prove the concept within your organisation. We can work with your existing IT partners or put you in touch with a specialist partner.

Our advice and pre-sales service is available directly to end users if you do not have a partner. We will work directly with you to ensure you’ve maximised your time investment and project potential. As an IT ‘channel’ company, any and all sales go through our partner organisations.


We are the very best at what we do and are happy to get involved in early-stage projects, providing pre-sales support and advice for both you and your customer and assisting in opportunity development.

Conversely, if your customer already has a clear understanding of what they want and you’re looking to compete with deal protection – we can help! We operate fair and transparent deal registration programmes that provide genuinely profitable returns.

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