NoTouch Center

Automated VDI Thin Endpoint Management

NoTouch Center lets you manage thousands of VDI Thin Clients and other devices from one easy-to-use management center. By supporting inheritance of settings, groups can be easily set, configured and synced. Take advantage of multiple user roles, monitoring, asset management/inventory, Helpdesk and many other features you expect from an enterprise grade solution.

PC Repurposing

NoTouch OS removes the need for capital investment of hardware by allowing you to repurpose existing PCs, Laptops, Thin Clients and Raspberry Pis into high performing, thin endpoints.

Thin Clients

Repurpose your thin clients using NoTouch OS. Reduce security threats and streamline your virtual workspaces with a Linux-based client OS that’s centrally managed and supported.

Raspberry Pi

The cost effective high performing motherboard now powers VDI endpoints. NoTouch Desktop is the only VDI management solution capable of managing a mixed environment of x86 and Raspberry Pis.

IoT Devices

The enterprise grade Raspberry Pi complete with Citrix casting and powered by NoTouch OS.

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Repurpose Your Devices with NoTouch OS

Convert ANY device into a fully-managed, secure thin client endpoint

Enable Hybrid and Mobile Working Environments

Remote work, business continuity, and secure access to apps, data and desktops from anywhere have become a top priority for organizations worldwide. Stratodesk delivers everything you need to enable your mobile workforce. NoTouch OS and NoTouch Center together are the #1 solution for deploying, managing and monitoring thousands of on-premises and remote VDI endpoints.

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Face any Challenge on the Cyber Threat Horizon with Unfaltering Security.

Stratodesk delivers timely, powerful security benefits to enterprises on the cutting edge. No matter what you do, Stratodesk has you covered. From updating endpoints, to monitoring your entire fleet of devices, to ensuring the right people have access to the right data at exactly the right time – Stratodesk is the solution to ensure your enterprise stays safe and secure, no matter what VDI/Cloud solution you are using.


Increased Security

Linux based OS defends against third party applications and common security threats.

Greater ROI

Remove the need to invest in new hardware when you go with NoTouch Desktop.

Empowered Workforce

Overcome firewall issues closing employees in –enable your workers to work at home or on the go.


Save IT Manhours

Manage thousands of devices all from one browser.

Greater Flexibility

Be hardware agnostic and manage a mixed environment of Thin Clients, Laptops, PCs and even Raspberry Pis.

Futureproof your VDI

Ensure the ongoing productivity of your VDI. Integrate the newest devices and Raspberry Pis into your ecosystem.

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