Stratodesk NoTouch


Stratodesk NoTouch delivers a single endpoint solution for VDI, DaaS and IoT use cases, enabling a unified, centralised management interface and secure, versatile endpoint OS.

PC Repurposing


Streamline Endpoint

Transform any PC, Thin Client, Laptop or Raspberry Pi device into a secure and centrally managed  thin endpoint.


Instantly deploy NoTouch OS onto thousands of devices and manage them from  your web browser  using NoTouch Center. 

Save On Hardware Costs

Unlock the power of ageing IT hardware by turning them into fully managed secure thin endpoints.

No Maintenance

Carry out maintenance from a single browser in a centralised location.

Enhanced Security

No need for investment in malware or antivirus tools with NoTouch OS.

Stratodesk Notouch OS

A Linux-based endpoint OS and management suite (NoTouch Center)

Enables cost-effective management of endpoints

Works across x86 and ARM based hardware products (including Raspberry Pi)

Intrinsically secure

Allows repurposing of existing thin clients

Improves hardware utilisation

Unifies endpoint management

Standardises your infrastructure and end-user experience

Connect using a ClearCube Technology Raspberry Pi, boot a PC straight from a USB stick and seamlessly configure access over the internet using the CloudXtension.

The switch to Stratodesk significantly lowered costs and freed up resources to tackle other urgent projects within the healthcare campus”

-Rainer Zlabinger

(IT Department, Vienna General Hospital)

Stratodesk NoTouch IoT

Enterprises can effectively manage and update their IoT devices sensors or bridges either from the cloud or an on-premises server.

With NODE-RED included as standard, IoT workflows can be realised quickly and easily from a central location.

The ONLY solution that provides a single management platform for all device types.


Intelligent authentication using smart-card, bio-metrics or key fob using the leading Imprivata OneSign solution.

NoTouch Center integrates Imprivata’s leading single sign-on solution that enables clinicians to spend less time with technology and more time with patients.

By eliminating the need to repeatedly type usernames and passwords, Imprivata OneSign allows clinicians to quickly and securely access clinical and administrative applications. An additional Healthcare Licence is required.

Imprivata Single Sign-On

Find out more and get started with three users for free. Perpetual and restriction free!

90 DAY

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