Our Solutions

We provide a suite of complementary technology products from a select range of global technology innovators.

   We enable our partners to meet the demand for Secure Remote Working by providing unique solutions built on breakthrough technologies. 

IoT and Thin Client

Make use of integrated technology to modernise, mobilise and empower the modern workforce.


Meet the challenges of a disparate, global workforce with software-defined networking.

Workplace Automation

Connect devices (things) such as mobile apps and sensors to endpoints and create intelligent, responsive environments.

Performance Endpoints

Deliver resource-intensive workloads to ultra-high definition integrated performance endpoints. 

PC Repurposing

Turn your keyring into your workspace and enable secure work-from-home initiatives within minutes.

Unified Endpoint Management

Manage all your endpoints from any web browser using a single enterprise-grade management console.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

Deliver desktops and applications from Microsoft’s game-changing new platform.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Public or private-cloud hosted desktop infrastructure.

Backup and DR

Protect data across hybrid cloud environments with granular specificity and unobtrusive bandwidth consumption.

Email Archiving

Simple and inexpensive email archiving that’s universally compliant, secure and easy to access.


Intelligent workflow-based automations using NODE-RED and Azure AI stack.

Single Sign-On/Authentication

Intelligent authentication using smart-card, bio-metrics or key fob.

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