Following the announcment that the RX-HDX is now Citrix Ready Workspace Hub device last week, we’ve put together a bit of a Q & A together regardig this, and about the device in general.

A. Yes. RX-HDX device is a Citrix Ready Workspace Hub (formerly known as HDX Ready Pi). NComputing is working with Citrix closely to bring the latest innovative features to customers and partners.

Q. Does RX-HDX come with dual display support? What additional hardware do I need?

A. RX-HDX device is dual display capable. In partnership with Citrix, the innovative HDMI Secondary Display Adaptor (powered by the Pi Zero) delivers high performance and responsive HD content display & media playback (1920×1080). NComputing are the only vendor which has this adaptor fully FCC/CE certified for commercial deployment and in full production worldwide.

Q. What are the recent enhancements and features to RX-HDX?

A. In the latest RX-HDX firmware release (version 2.40.2670), it comes with the general release of the dual display support, RTME (version 2.4) integration for Skype for Business optimisation and latest 13.8 receiver (with HDX Adaptive Transport and EDT). NComputing are working closely with Citrix to bring out additional exciting workspace hub features and services during the first half of this year.

Q. Does RX-HDX come with integrated device management?

A. Yes. The RX-HDX integrates enterprise-grade device management software (NoTouch Center), developed specifically with enterprise customers in mind, providing a highly scalable, flexible and easy-to-use single management point for RX-HDX devices. Organise deployments in single or multiple sites with one software solution that simplifies management tasks including firmware updates, configuration changes, device resets and more.

Q. Does RX-HDX support popular SSO / tag-and-go solutions like Imprivata/Caradigm?

A. Yes. Both Imprivata and Caradigm are supported and are ideal for healthcare sectors. The integration feature is available via a separate Healthcare Upgrade package.

Q. What is Citrix Casting?

A. Citrix Casting is a new innovative capability which allows end users to:

  • Instantly and securely access any app from a mobile device on a large screen
  • Provide security and proximity based authentication as easy as tap and go smart cards without any specialized hardware
  • Wireless docking solution for any workplace

Q. When is the new Citrix Casting feature going to be available?

A. Advanced Citrix Casting features will be available as a Tech Preview Q1 2018.

If you want to know more about the RX-HDX then you can download the data sheet here, or email for more information.