Yesterday, Check Point Research released a report supposedly exposing some vulnerabilities in RDP clients including rdesktop, FreeRDP and the Microsoft RDP client. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is one of the most popular ways of delivering applications & desktops to users and is used on both Windows PCs & thin clients from major vendors around the world.

We have provided a link to the article from Check Point Research below, which provides more details about the vulnerability.

Below is the response from Microsoft (Credit: Check Point Research)

Microsoft’s Response

During the responsible disclosure process, we sent the details of the path traversal in mstsc.exe to Microsoft.

This is Microsoft’s official response:

“Thank you for your submission. We determined your finding is valid but does not meet our bar for servicing. For more information, please see the Microsoft Security Servicing Criteria for Windows (”

As a result, this path traversal has no CVE-ID, and there is no patch to address it.

We have a number of our own thin client vendors that use both Windows Embedded/IoT & devices Linux devices using FreeRDP. For those running Windows Embedded, please keep an eye out for any critical updates that are issued. We have also had a response from Stratodesk who develop the operating system for our Linux builds.

Stratodesk Response

The report states the CVEs found effect FreeRDP versions prior to RC4. We had updated the FreeRDP client on to RC4+ on NoTouch OS 2.40.4282 and later.

We are safe from these vulnerabilities, and you can read more about this in the following blog post:

Stratodesk NoTouch OS – Secure Against “Reverse RDP Attacks”

We are still waiting for a response from NComputing & Praim and will update this post once we have these.