Praim ThinMan Gateway is a software solution that can be installed on any Windows device and has a repeater function between remote network devices and the ThinMan console.

Access to branch offices without VPN
After its installation in branch offices, the IT administrator will have complete access to remote devices, without the need of VPN, simply by using the Internet connection. Once the connection of ThinMan Gateway to ThinMan console is validated, operational continuity and maximised productivity is ensured in a completely secure environment, also in the cloud infrastructure.

Universal Wake on LAN
With ThinMan Gateway it is possible to manage remote Wake On LAN, provide support, distribute updates, profiles and policies across all remote networks. Besides, WAN traffic and update activities are optimised in an efficient and secure way thanks to a remote repository for the update packets.

The new ThinMan Gateway feature is enabled on ThinMan Platinum Edition and it is compatible with Praim Windows Embedded Standard Thin Clients and ThinOX, from version 10.1.x.

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