Dear Tilt Technology customers,

As you know, NComputing collaborate with Stratodesk (the creator of NoTouch OS solution) to OEM their software solution for NComputing’s Citrix thin client solutions, including the Citrix Workspace Hub.

There are several important changes related to NComputing’s collaboration model with Stratodesk which will effect NComputing’s Citrix solutions, effective immedietly.

These changes are aimed to unify software release management and streamline technical support, to provide better and faster response to our customers.

The key changes (effective July 1, 2020) are for all NComputing thin client products based on NoTouch OS, including RX-HDX, RX-HDX+, RX420-HDX, and EX400:

Stratodesk will now handle ALL technical support escalation (for existing and future customers, for all device models noted above) through email-based support ( Expedited support service is also available upon request (

NComputing will be responsible for hardware related issues and RMA requests, as they have been previously.

The branding of embedded software image for all NComputing thin clients based on NoTouch OS, will change from NComputing NoTouch OS image to Stratodesk NoTouch OS image over the course of future updates.

All future software images, will be accessed directly from the Stratodesk Portal. NComputing and Stratodesk will coordinate to pre-setup NComputing’s customer accounts in the Stratodesk Portal and provide you with instructions directly. If you have not recieved these instructions please contact your Tilt Technology account manager.

If you have previously purchased NComputing RX-HDX, RX-HDX+, RX420(HDX) or EX400 devices with active Software Maintenance Update (SMU) licensing you will continue to receive software updates from Stratodesk for the remainder of the license term. Renewal of SMU licenses is to be purchased via your original purchase route – please contact Tilt Technology for any assistance.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact our sales team on 01480 585 555

Yours Sincerely,

Tilt Technology Team