Streamline your workspace and user experience with the new LG thin client range. 

We’re excited to announce the launch of the LG’s new thin client computing range. Powered by AMD’s lauded Ryzen x86 chipset, the range includes a new box-type thin client, thin client laptop, 24″ all-in-one thin client and the one we are most excited about, a 38″ integrated, curved, ultra-wide thin client monitor, which is truly stunning!  

The range has been designed for wherever security, manageability, and streamlined user experience are crucial factors for success. Whether deployed in data-heavy healthcare and finance contexts or cost-sensitive higher education settings, every LG Thin Client has inherent security to protect sensitive data and simplified management to minimise potential downtime. 

Already less expensive to deploy, integrate, and manage, LG thin clients go even further by consuming less energy than traditional I.T. fleets, lowering your overall carbon footprint and letting you reinvest valuable savings elsewhere. 

With form factors to suit a wide range of work environments and preferences, as well as impressive displays, the series is truly a unique combination of functionality, design and raw power. The flagship model, the 38″ AIO UltraWide® Thin Client, offers an exceptional viewing experience and a host of features including an integrated webcam and a fanless design. 

LG 38 AIO thin client monitor

Key Features 

  • Curved 21:9 UltraWide™ Screen for Multitasking 
  • Wireless and Bluetooth for Multi Connection 
  • Built-in Camera (Webcam) 
  • Fanless Design 
  • VESA Mount for Efficient Multi-Monitor Setups 

The 38″ AIO UltraWide® Thin Client allows you to view and work seamlessly between multiple applications, giving you a real productivity boost. Plus, it requires a lot less desk space than dual or triple monitor displays and its wide field of view makes it beneficial to a variety of industries specifically financial, banking, health care, education and utilities.

LG Thin Client Range Specifications

Take a look at this video for more information about the range:

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