Risk mitigation is perhaps one of the more fundamental activities IT departments need to undertake to ensure that systems stay up as much as possible. Whether you’re meeting internally set targets or clients SLAs (Service Level Agreements), having backup and disaster recovery solutions in place goes a long way in ensuring that you stay at the top of the game and your clients in business.

In our pursuit of offering our clients the best technology available on the market today, we are introducing NetJapan’s Active Image Protector; a backup and disaster recovery solution for virtual and physical environments. It focuses on ease of use, flexibility, and speed making sure that should disaster strike, your business does not suffer for it.

Active Image Protector goes above and beyond your typical off-the-shelf disaster recovery program. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when choosing this solution to manage your backup and disaster recovery operations:

Benefits of Active Image Protector
  • No Agent – With no agents to install on guest machines, you can back up an unlimited number of VMs on both Microsoft and VMWare platforms.
  • Deduplication – Three whole levels of deduplication allows you to save costs on storage space across all virtual machines on your network.
  • Centralised – Use the centralised management console to manage ActiveImage Protector clients whether they are agent-based or agentless.
  • Verifiable – Automatically check the restoration integrity of data using live backup tests to ensure there are no surprises.

With a licencing structure that makes it affordable even for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), disaster recovery has never been this approachable. Whether you’re looking for agent-based or agentless licences, you can also pay yearly or through a monthly MSP licences subscription model.

Furthermore, Active Image Protector features iSCSI support to ensure wide compatibility. It can also be deployed as an agent-based installation on any hypervisor including the ability to restore across hypervisors. Backups are done to a single file and can be replicated to the cloud or offline for maximum security and in compliance with disaster recovery best practices.

The Philosophy of “Only One Technology”

Managing multiple systems can be one of IT’s biggest headaches. Maintaining and sustaining knowledge of a number of different disparate systems whilst ensuring everything plays nicely together can be both time-consuming and resource-intensive. Updates need to be extensively tested and managed to ensure the great balancing act does not come tumbling down like a house of cards.

This is why NetJapan has adopted a philosophy of only one technology; where one technology is able to handle the different systems and setups companies and corporations invariably have, to serve the processes and people that make everything work.

Since their inception in 1996, NetJapan has accumulated a source of wealth in the IT services industry – from offering support and maintaining vendor relationships to building their own software products that are facilitating one of the toughest and most delicate jobs IT professionals face today.

Learn more about ActiveImage Protector here and download a free 30-day trial!

For further information or sales enquiries about ActiveImage Protector email us at sales@tilttech.co.uk or give us a call on 01480 585 555.