There is but one secret to understanding how technology truly works; flow. Whether it’s the electricity powering devices, network connectivity, database replications, or anything in between, technology depends on the flow of electrical signals or data from one point to another. As it were, flow is also the secret to writing. Ideas, words, sentences, and paragraphs; they all must flow.

I’m Joel, Tilt Technology’s new technical writer. The above describes how I see what I do to a tee. I’m the newest hire in the company, and my tasks including overseeing the company’s content strategy and providing a comprehensive service to both resellers and end customers alike including case studies, translation services, technical article ideas, and content strategy development. Having climbed my way up the proverbial ladder in various IT and writing positions, I’m bringing my wide breadth of experience that I’m more than happy to share with the team, partners, and customers alike. Having worked with different companies across the globe from Vancouver to Dubai, I understand how technology’s purpose is to drive value for a business and its goals, in various climates and markets.

The one thing that sets us humans apart is the ability to communicate and collaborate on a massive scale. The purpose of writing is to enable and energise this communication and collaboration so that together we can do great things.

I can often be found indulging in good coffee and a good book, with the likes of Homer and Dostoyevsky featuring heavily on my reading list. When the weather is nice, I enjoy riding my motorcycle or going to the gym, which offsets all the chocolate consumed when the weather isn’t nice. I’m also very pedantic about the oxford comma, and I’m known to twitch when it is omitted.

There are two goals one must aim for when writing; the artistic goal and the scientific one. The scientific goal is that of conveying information to the reader. The artistic goal is to get the reader to enjoy acquiring that information. Finding the right balance between these two constructs is important.  It can not only engage the reader but also help companies use content strategically to achieve their goals.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about anything relating to IT, books, or motorcycles. Drop me a line here and you’ll definitely hear back from me.

My favourite quote – “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed” – Hemingway

Cheery fellow aren’t I?