In most organisations, emails tend to be somewhat of a point of contention: users typically want all of their emails at their fingertips, whilst administrators would rather see them archived and the mail server running as lean as possible. Both sides have valid arguments; finance need quick access to contracts signed years ago and the familiarity of email and its folders makes access easy. On the other hand, restoring an endless amount of email should something happen to the mail server is not something any administrator wants to deal with on their best day. Furthermore, GDPR compliance has thrown another spanner into the mix, complicating an already delicate balancing act.

Introducing MailVault

This is the exact problem MailVault has set out to solve. It provides a solution both sides can smile about; move emails off the mail server, yet keep them at users’ fingertips. With support for all standard, on-premises and cloud mail servers, deployment is both easy and flexible. It can handle a number of different protocols including POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. It also supports raw email and multi-mail clients. Because of this, it can work with a number of different mail sources or even file-system stores.

With space typically coming at a premium, before storage, MailVault will de-duplicate and index making searching and retrieval a breeze. End-user access to MailVault is carried out using a web browser, for true on-the-go, user-friendly, access management.

Designed for both SMEs and large organisations, MailVault has a low-entry licence barrier starting with just 5 users. Administrators can also make use of the real-time monitoring functionality which can easily be accessed through a web console. Furthermore, MailVault can be installed on both Windows and Linux machines, helping administrators stay within their current ecosystem without adding the overheads of maintaining new ones.

MailVault also offers a privileges-based access control system, reducing the upkeep costs associated with the maintenance of such a system. It also includes email monitoring functionality to ensure everything stays above board and compliance regulations adhered to at all times.

Emails and GDPR

With the introduction of GDPR, compliance is more important than ever. Hefty fines have been meted out to those found in breach of its strict rules and policies. In ensuring full compliance support, MailVault includes military-grade encryption, tamper detection, and litigation hold support. Retention policies are customisable for different emails whilst user activity logs can easily be audited should this be required.

The ubiquity of email makes it an important tool that is not going anywhere any time soon. Although GDPR has certainly been a wake-up call for a number of organisations, emails still contain sensitive information that goes beyond GDPR – from contracts to internal processes to pricing structures; sensitive information is sent over email all the time. Yet, locking it down is sure to be counter-productive. Organisations are increasingly becoming data-driven and data needs to be accessible. This is precisely why MailVault works – it offers accessibility without any of the downfalls associated with it, keeping everyone happy and productive.

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