At the end of the third quarter of 2019, Citrix announced their latest updates through a webinar hosted by Adam Lotz and Monica Griesemer. In the webinar, which lasted just over half an hour, a number of important topics were covered including new features in both cloud and on-premises releases, upcoming LTSR updates, the extension of Azure features with MWVD and simplification of deployments in environments using CMD (Citrix Managed Desktops).  

LTSR Updates 

Citrix will be releasing LTSR (Long Terms Service Release) for Virtual Apps and Desktops by the end of Q4 2019. With a number of questions answered during the webinar, Citrix is also offering FAQ and education resources to help you get ready for the next release. 

If you’re worried about support, Citrix has confirmed that it will continue to release updates for all supported versions that have not yet reached their end of life. Cumulative updates, however, will not feature any enhancements, mostly focusing on security, compatibility, and bug fixes. 

If you’re running Windows Server 2012 R2, you might be glad to hear that this version will continue to be supported by LTSR 1912. A new Citrix Workspace application is also slated for release in early 2020. 


Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 

A number of topics were discussed mostly centring around Analytics, deployment options, and HDX. 

The upcoming Citrix Analytics will feature performance user experience scores based on the aggregate results of a number of categories including login duration and connection status. If you’re running on-premises Virtual Apps and desktops, you can also connect your environment to the cloud-based Citrix Analytics. 

Whilst Citrix will continue to support both cloud and on-premises environments, a feature matrix is being made available to provide an overview of the differences in capabilities between the two versions. 

The 1909 CR, which will ship in the middle of Q4 2019 will also feature support for Microsoft Teams. Speaking of communication, Citrix also confirmed that soft-phone support is live with a number of customers already using solutions such as Cisco Jabber, Jabber VDI, and IP communicator. Citrix Secure Browser, on the other hand, is currently only available in commercial clouds however expansions are being considered. 

Another upcoming feature is that of User Personalisation Layers which will enable users logging in to non-persistent desktops to get a persistent experience. Meanwhile, an upcoming blog post will feature more information about VMcloud on AWS support as announced during Citrix Synergy. 

MWVD Availability 

With Microsoft announcing the general availability of the new Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop on September 30th, deployment options were discussed with a blog post dedicated to Day 1 Support made available here.

If you would like to listen to the entire webinar, you can find it here. With no surprising news delivered this time around, we look forward to the new releases and do not hesitate to check out the resources we have linked in this brief or get in touch with us if you would like to know more about Citrix solutions.