We’re offering UK and Ireland-based businesses a free USB stick featuring a 90-day free trial of Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop software. Jam-packed with features designed to give businesses a cost-effective and secure remote working solution, the software is exactly what you need to work from home simply and securely.

At the core of Stratodesk is the NoTouch OS which offers a scalable and cost-efficient solution with little to no maintenance required. It is compatible with any x86 hardware including a number of Raspberry Pi models for truly secure and efficient deployments. It features connectivity options to Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, and a number of others right out of the box. This allows businesses looking to keep their operations running through remote working and to maintain a high level of security throughout their systems. Furthermore, with a wide range of built-in VPN clients and central management functionality, businesses taking advantage of this offer can keep everything centralised with minimal outlay.

As leaders in the field of remote working, Tilt Technology knows a thing or two about leveraging remote working to keep businesses running. If you’re looking at taking remote working to the next level, get in touch today and reserve your Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop USB Stick here.

Offer valid while stock lasts.