The Citrix Summit 2020 is happening and it couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. As we kick off the new year with resolutions and plans to make 2020 the best year and start of the decade ever, Citrix is promising us the space to think, create, and succeed.

Taking place at the magical Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort between the 13th and 15th of January, Tilt Technology will also be present to learn about all of the exciting technologies Citrix will be releasing. By hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth, we can be sure that we stay at the cutting edge of innovation and empower our partners to harness the full power of Citrix’s technology suite.

Last year the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub was used by Citrix to power everything from training suites to interactive displays. With the recent release of the vastly superior Workspace Hub Pi4 we’re expecting a swathe of new use case ideas and are looking forward to sharing our own exploits and ideas with the Citrix team in person.

The Solutions Expo at Citrix Summit 2020

To say the scope of the Citrix Summit is huge would be an understatement. Yet, everything hinges on what is known as the Solutions Expo. Here, the latest updates, technologies, and innovations coming out of Citrix’s doors will be shared with attendees. Furthermore, marketing techniques that are proven to work when it comes to selling Citrix solutions will be shared with the audience. This information we will be relaying back to our partners to ensure we can grow our businesses together for the benefit of all and, more importantly, to ensure the success of our clients.

Here are some things we are absolutely looking forward to during the Citrix Summit 2020

NComputing & Stratodesk

Both NComputing and Stratodesk will be showcasing their wares, including the aforementioned and highly coveted Citrix Ready Workspace Hub. We’ll be loitering in and around their camps, so if you’re interested in having a chat, demo or you just want some free stationery – pop by and we’ll power you up.

Geek Speak Theaters

These 30-minute Ted-style presentations will deliver a number of presentations over two days covering a variety of topics ranging from security to positioning and selling of Citrix products.

Partner Engagement & Marketing Hub

With experts close at hand to advise on the best partner engagement practices, we are looking forward to hearing what Citrix has to say here. We have no doubt that these sessions will allow us to add even more value to what we do and ensure that we continue to move forward successfully.

Tech Clinics

Something new for the 2020 summit, these sessions will allow the geeks at Tilt to get their hands dirty with the latest Citrix technology. Here we will also have the opportunity to integrate with other attendees and experts to learn more about best practices and value generation which will, in turn, allow us to walk the talk when it comes to delivering solutions that work.

Citrix Pavillion

With the minds behind Citrix products taking time off to interact with us, we are sure that the Citrix Pavillion will allow us to get to know the technology we sell on a more intimate level. This will, in turn, allow us to develop our cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by offering our partners and customers propositions that are both future-ready and value-driven.

At Tilt Technology we aim to bring a uniquely competitive proposition to our channel partners. To this end, we put in great efforts in ensuring we stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies straight from our vendors. This allows us, and all of our partners, to successfully grow our businesses by providing the opportunities we need to succeed.

2020 marks the start of a new decade; a decade where technology will undoubtedly continue to evolve towards increasingly dynamic and flexible working environments. At Tilt, we recognise the importance technology plays in this regard and how it can ultimately lead to better business for companies and quality of life for its employees.

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