Thin clients have been, up until now, focused on enabling virtualization. The key features most customers want are performance, reliability and manageability. They expect Citrix virtualization to run well, especially high definition graphics and videos, with 100% reliability and minimal IT support.

However, NComputing and Citrix understand that customers are always looking at getting more value out of their virtualization environment. NComputing and Citrix want to solve real business problems; security, worker productivity and optimization of IT resources. Putting more intelligence and features in the end-point is one area that NComputing and Citrix have focused on and invested in.

To that effect, Citrix is launching the Citrix Ready workspace hub program and NComputing is pleased to partner with Citrix in introducing the Citrix Ready workspace hub by NComputing. With features such as Citrix Casting, NComputing and Citrix will have the ability to securely stream all your apps from a mobile device to a large screen connected to a Citrix Ready workspace hub by NComputing. This will allow instant login and session roaming from mobile devices to large monitors. You can use your smart phone for “tap-and-go” security. And for conference rooms, there is wireless docking; no cables or adaptors needed.

NComputing will evolve their RX-HDX thin client into the Citrix Ready workspace hub, bringing innovation and use-case driven features to enterprises. The RX-HDX is an enterprise-ready software and hardware solution for a low price point of $119 MSRP. Citrix Ready verification ensures that it meets the performance, security and manageability demands of an enterprise-grade zero client. The NComputing RX-HDX is already shipping and available worldwide.

The Citrix workspace hub update with be available as a technical preview and available for download on March 31st, 2018. And, if you’re attending Mobile World Congress, Feb 26th to March 1st in Spain, you can also see a demo in the Citrix booth of the Citrix Ready workspace hub by NComputing.

NComputing feels that Citrix is on the right path. There is more and more distributed intelligence, especially smart phones, in today’s complex IT environment. The Citrix Ready workspace hub by NComputing will be able to take advantage of that remote compute power while making the user environment more secure, friendly and efficient. The ability to use a smart phone to transfer a session to a monitor will make it easier for mobile employees to get their job done. To be able to enter a conference room and seamlessly have your session appear on the large screen will end the frustrating search for the illusive correct cable. Using your smart phone to “tap and go” will improve productivity and the security of end points.

What is the Citrix Ready workspace hub by NComputing? The Raspberry Pi based NComputing RX-HDX is a Citrix specific offering; optimized for Citrix Desktop Virtualization and designed for enterprise environments (e.g. HD dual display, RTME integration, 3D Pro and SSO support like Imprivata/Caradigm).

If you want to find out more about the Citrix Ready Worksapce Hub, contact sales on or call us on 01480 585 555