Martin Widera from Actiphy Europe demonstrates how Actiphy’s ActiveImage Protector can be used to manage VM, file and image-based backups from vSphere, Hyper-V and physical devices.

Martin Widera from Actiphy will walk through a basic setup of ActiveImage Protector and perform essential backup and disaster recovery tasks, showcasing ActiveImage Protector’s key features along the way.

There will be some time for an interactive demo and a Q&A at the end.

Learn how you can smash your RPOs, automate time-consuming tasks and maximise the cost efficiency of your backup management!

This introductory webinar is the first in a series of bitesize webinars where we’ll be exploring Actiphy’s comprehensive suite of backup and DR solutions that include:

  • Agentless VM image backup
  • Agent-based backup of both physical and virtual machines for granular file-level backup targets
  • Ultra efficiency and capacity with Inline Data Deduplication (IDDC) and Changed Block Comparison™ (CBC) technology
  • Automated image bootability checking with Bootcheck™
  • Instant image booting with HyperBoot™
  • WinPE and Linux recovery environments
  • Central Management with ActiveVisor
  • ImageCenter™ for slick management of images and replication to cloud services inlcluding Azure and Amazon S3.

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