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Products and services for IT companies to resell.

Technology Specialists

Purely focused on thin client software and hardware, we are experts.

Margin Opportunties

Best deal protection and margin opportunities minus the paperwork.

Direct Engagement

We’ll work on your behalf to ensure your customers’ project success.

Managed Services

Hosted endpoint management service from our UK datacentre or public cloud.

Lead Development

Collaborative marketing programmes and shared lead distribution.


Speak to a thin client specialist to identify the right hardware or software for your specific use case, budget and expectations.


Pre-configured thin client hardware delivered in quick time, and followed up with a one-to-one walkthrough for you and/or your customer.


Working closely with our vendors, we help to ensure that PoCs are well coordinated, run smoothly and result in successful outcomes.

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Specialist Expertise and Industry Experience

Unlike most distributors, we work with only a small handful of industry-innovating vendors, handpicked because of their complementary value to each others’ products.

We understand that every project is different and take care to ask the questions necessary to provide sound, accurate advice that highlights potential pitfalls and removes barriers to adoption.

Our team has worked with thin client software and hardware solutions for many years and have experience with all of the leading platform providers.

As recognised leaders in our specialist field we are actively involved in the global thin client community and maintain a cutting-edge awareness of innovation in the field.

As well as steering conversation, we develop and customise solutions to add functionality to existing solutions.

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