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What’s New in Citrix Receiver 4.10

Paul Craddock   
Jan 19
With the release of Citrix Receiver 4.10, Citrix have announced introduction of H.265 support to their XenApp & XenDesktop Platinum editions. Starting with this release, Citrix Receiver for Windows supports the use of the H.265 video codec for hardware acceleration of remote graphics and videos. To benefit from this feature,

Updates to RX300 Licensing Model

Paul Craddock   
Dec 15
When the RX300 was first announced, NComputing introduced the vSpace subscription model. The RX300 came with a 1 year vSpace licence with the option to purchase additional years subscription or purchase a perpetual licence. However NComputing have recently responded to their customers’ feedback, and have now brought the RX300 licence

What About the Endpoint….?

Paul Craddock   
Nov 24
This is quite a common scenario. You’ve spent all your budget on a nice new desktop virtualisation solution, but you haven’t thought about the end points and have little or no budget to replace these with thin clients. If this is a situation you are in then you might want

Introducing the RX-HDX by NComputing

Paul Craddock   
Nov 10
Following on the from successful launch of the RX300 which is based on the Raspberry Pi3, NComputing recently released the RX-HDX for Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop environments. The RX-HDX is a fully optimised Citrix HDX Ready thin client, delivering a low-cost and powerful desktop virtualisation solution for enterprises. Powered by

Our New Website Goes Live!

Simon Greer   
Oct 02
Thanks for visiting and welcome to our new website. What’s with the new site? Our company evolves as fast as the technology that we work with. As our customers’ requirements have changed, so too has our business model. As we’ve adapted and improved our customer experience, so too have the